Home Based Business Ideas – Attract Targeted Traffic That Produces Sales

When you build a web site you have to send targeted traffic to it. It is targeted traffic that will translate into sales. There are a number of home based business ideas that can help you to drag people to your web site, just like sheep to slaughterhouse. Some of the targeted traffic generating ideas will require you to pay, others are free. The following list of home based business ideas to attract targeted traffic is by no means exhaustive. You may want to add a few more.

  • Free contests where people win valuable items will make your site loved. This is a basic need of human nature that you can exploit. The important thing is to make the contest regular and predictable.
  • Consider adding a forum to your web site. People love discussing issues with likeminded people. A forum will mean added responsibility on your part. So be prepared to set aside time to moderate the forum.
  • People want to be updated with the latest information. Offering the latest news on developments in a chosen niche will boost your chances of attracting targeted visitors.
  • Chat rooms are becoming popular with an increasing number of people. Creating a chat room and allowing other websites to link to it will result in more visitors to your website.
  • Bonuses will help pre-sell your customers. Remember to indicate the normal value of a bonus item as that will heighten people’s appreciation for it.
  • Visit the best news channels to find out the best fonts and size of text for your home business website. Large companies spend thousands of dollars testing what works best. You will be surprised at the difference this makes to you sales.
  • Include hard evidence on your home based business website to back up your claims. People are becoming very skeptical about online offers. This will increase the stickiness of your web pages encouraging your visitors to stay longer at your home based business web site and hopefully buy your products.

The above list gives you some home based businesses ideas on attracting targeted traffic to your website, with potential to turn into sales. Just taking one of these ideas and implementing it may result in more targeted visitors to your website and thousands of dollars in sales. You can also improve the suggested home business ideas before you implement them, which can make them even more valuable. Some internet marketers have been able to build successful businesses on just one of the above ideas. It would be a mistake to ignore or underestimate them.